World Organization of United Intellect

Yaroslav Verzhbitskiy


The Pushkin’s Message to Russia


Vers Libre

Visions… - the vision of the basics,
Around us like dreams,
When in your heart nice lyre sings,
It cannot take the place of things that precious.
Believe yourself, reveal your flower of God,
Your time is running out like the sand,
And when you meet the terms of the Creator,
Your life will last forever,
Your soul casts off chains of egoism
With deific dawn of altruism.


Welcome, welcome, dear Reader!
You’ve got a soul of Creator, of the builder,
You’re in the circle of my friends,
And it’s no wonder you take this book in hands.

The Providence is leading us ahead,
Though we were strangers up to now,
Archangel’s trumpet voice is calling us,
And common fate is taking us away.

And we commit that our Mission
To be achieved in time.
All problems fade away at once,
Join the ‘United Intellect’ – it’s only chance.

The Russian land is waiting for her sons.
It’s time to overcome your heavy sleep.
What is your Mission? No need to hide,
I’ll tell you, and you’ll know what it means…


I appeal to you, my friends!
We all have reasons entering this world.
We all, of course, are not without sins,
But we have hopes to live on.

It’s a rare case when we address
A HUMAN BEING, whose common destiny with us
On this blue planet
Gives him a right to live.

But who that nasty demagogue,
Who said
No place for other peoples
In this world for good and all,
And ‘our golden billion’
Don’t want the children to be born.

Who with their false doctrine
That there’s no place for everyone
Threw us into the abyss of hatred, death and lie?
Oh the Almighty, give the answer, have you say!

We hear a voice inside our brains,
Awakening the conscience of our souls.
But sometimes it’s unheard,
We are too busy with ourselves.

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air,
Triumphant accords, lyre sounds,
The ancient elements of the world,
Are worthy in their greatness.

OH HUMAN BEING! Since your birth
You’ve got a feast of colored life.
It is a fragile gift, a cherished one,
Do not be cruel
To this dear sister-planet.
She’s got a soul, she’s alive.

And you, like wild greedy beast,
Are sucking blood, not oil, believe,
You will not live for long in such a way,
Stop deadly run,
You can overcome, you are a MAN!

Author: ***
The crimson sunset faded away,
The night comes into force.
An early star shines in the sky,
The full moon - on the rise.

The light of hazy distant stars
Will bring sweet mystic dreams,
We’ll get the answer to the quest,
This world – not simple one…

I slept in peace, the breath of night
Shut closely my eyes.
In sleep my soul - in colored veil,
In shine of ghostly planets,
It’s flying high so far abroad,
Not giving me an answer.

An airy castle of dreams,
Run by a clandestine wise man,
Is the comforter of my vulnerable soul
And the seducer of the muses-beauties.

In sleep our wish is to discover,
And God of sleep, mysterious Morpheus,
Will bring us to new deeds,
The mystically beautiful world of ideas.

Dear friend, Morpheus, tell us
When you’ll reveal the secrets of abyss
Covering us thru the night?
You are the only one to help us.

God of sleep Morpheus:
Oh man, you are a kid,
You haven’t grown up enough to reach some truths.
I’ll give an answer now
To you insolent question.

Look at the butterfly,
Flitting like a soul.
And here is the caterpillar,
Crawling slowly along the tree.

It stopped, rolled into cocoon,
Is lying as a pupa not far away.
And you would like such things
Unite in only one.

Metamorphoses, they like visions,
Are worthy to surprise you.
But you just from your birth
Have got the abstract thinking.
Look at yourself,
And stand by nature near.

You’ll see a mirage
From underself, from depths,
Another world, alien,

And suddenly you think,
‘I have already been there’.
It is a memory of soul,
Forgotten in the fuss…

Oh Man, you too are the divine creation.
When in the desert of dull planets
The spark of universe had risen,
The Earth did shudder, the light did flare.

Author: The harmony and chaos, ice and flare,
They intermingled in your mind.
You bear banner like a cross,
In search for knowledge and truth of yours.

But who made deadly strike to you?
What shiny idol made you blind?
The Golden Calf came to your mind,
Scrupling all the hopes of life.

While all these thoughts
Morpheus brought to me,
I wondered was I there,
Or was it just a dream?

It’s no good to think in sleep,
Nightmare came to me.
The stream of time
Has carried me away.

Above still shroud
The cold wind flied by.
The visions one by one
Appeared before mine.

And I could hear the bell of chimes,
That cannot run the time.
And some alien voice
Has called me with all might.

Why are you here, who are you?
How dare you bother my peace?
I thought, opening my eyes,
Of being angry in my sleep.

Oh, what can I see?
You wouldn’t believe, my friends.
The fog has cleared away a bit.
And this was not an optic trick.

And any student would see him at once,
His portrait in the book.
There’s one important thing
Of saint and pious look.

Above his curly head
The halo shone like a star.
That was a thinker and poet,
My Pushkin, simply said.

I am telling in a hundredth time,
He’s genius of words,
The prophet of his Motherland,
“He made respect him all of us,
And couldn’t make a better thing, alas’.

Verses are like a magic science.
Hey, here is another thing,
I could feel a tidal wave,
Like God coming to us.
Without him there’s no use,
As people always say.

Pushkin: I had heard his voice,
He flashed the words of wisdom.
And in amazement of delight
My hair starts to stir
As if from the electric current.

Hi dear brother,
I’m glad to welcome you.
I use to fly away from here,
A rare guest of Moscow I am.

But your reflections of today
Attracts me here.
I ‘d like to tell you
It’s not an easy task for me to come.

They started to forget me.
My poems are rare to recite.
Disaster is in school,
The only Europe is in their heads.

The English language is required to be learned
To make it possible for poor boy
To open the door for boss of his
And speak in English.

There was a time in Motherland
When all were studying French.
In Russian they were no good,
Just ‘Mon senior’ and ‘Oh God’.

And now take a seat, look here.
Sometimes the walls can hear.
But enemy into OUR HOME won’t enter,
He’s not to hear whisper-thunder.

The tales of ancient mystery of mine
I’ll tell you. Hundreds years’ waiting
Will rush away in seconds.
And here is the answer.

Look at a mystery the first-
The reason of my knocking round the world.
My spirit wanders over my Land,
But power in truth, thanks God!

Too early an insidious bullet
Of enemies’ ungifted duel
Did break my skilful quill.
And had wished to write, to love, to live.

With my nonchalant hand
My manuscript was poems full.
The Heavens told me to create
Such a divine sonnet.

Take your goose quill,
I will reveal the mystery of worlds.
Quit argues, this is the old God’s decision
For you to write.

And now take the gift
Of soul excitation, passions fire,
When muses’ vision entering your brain
In proper moment.

At last, enflamed the heavens’ spark
That the Creator breathed into your soul.
But I will not conceal from you
This gift more dangerous than fire...

In Soviet time in school they said,
The tsars had murdered the poet.
Yes, there were disputes between them,
And the tsunami driven waves…

The Tsar protected our state,
He was conservative at that.
I sought new freedoms at that time
In labor, travels and life.

The Emperor sometimes was right.
Sometimes his willful temper
Erupted loudly
With blame.

We both played the role.
We both had parole
Of mystical majestic force.
We both asked to love
The Russian land – the Motherland
Not to forget in prayers…

We argued,
We were no friends,
But murder me?
It’s dirty lie on Father-Tsar…

But someone wished to clash us all,
To harm the people first of all.
D’Anthes arrived, it was surprise.
Intrigues were carried on.
And fatal chariot
Moved on.

It seemed to me I saw nightmare,
I heard my own groan,
A bullet whistle, the swinging trees,
But not d’Anthes to shoot.

When duel noised and fumed
In shadow of a bushy fir
With big gun for bison
There was an assassin from Zion.

The secret tyrants of the world
Could not forgive poet
For inspiring spirit greatness,
For Russia’s new Renaissance.

My blame was that alone,
The Paladin of freedom,
I lit the people’s hearts with words
To make it clear
Who was a saint, and who was a villain...

And why d’Anthes?
With pale face
And duel gun
Could not create such harm.

He made decision for himself
To miss the target,
But he could not get excuse in open.
An assassin was there too.

He read my poem ‘Ruslan’
And was inspirited with truth.
Neglecting order he refused
To murder me.

It was an unexpected scene.
He was amazed.
And I was lying on the grass,
My arm was pressed to heart.

The Gypsy’s prophecy came true.
The Masons’ secret wishes,
And whisper of Zionist cabbala
All stroked body dead,
But spirit of the great poet
Forever be alive!

My friend, I am very anxious
With your fate.
No poet lives for long,
And will be slandered in obituary later.

‘So died the poet – a prisoner of truth’,
Nobody knows the center of revenge
To all that breathe and live,
Compose, think and sing.

Who glorifies the Earth,
And who delivers truth
He will be read by all alive
And Satan be in fear…

And Lermontov, a poet and friend,
He left the circle of this life,
His destiny - like mine,
Yet in his life - was not alike.
His soul riches trampled down
With bullet of the killer hired.

Yesenin, Russian soul,
Was restless, passionate but worthy.
And his cornflowers’ blue field
Was cut with boundary path.

He was free-thinking bon vivánt,
He wrote verses all the time,
Was loved throughout more or less,
I don’t believe he killed himself.

And Gorky, Mayakovsky brother,
Was always happy either
Writing or putting quill
Into the rich with conscience ill…

It’s covered with the secret poison
The history of their deaths.
We don’t know up to now,
Where is the executor’s axe.

Talkov is victim most new.
He was a spring of steel.
He was alight, he was alive.
We’ll never hear him sing.

He was a poet, was a bard,
Courageous like a leopard,
And then again with bloody arm
Was killed and now numb.

I see well-known profile
Again of such a professional.
The poet is killed and his sonnet
With prophesy is cutoff dead.

And how’s the killer?
As always he’s OK.
And when he did his dirty deed,
The killed was lying still,
The killer said it was not him
And moved to Israel.
And hand of justice never get
Him in the ‘promised land’!

Pushkin: However at the top of hills
I hear the judgment for those who killed.
The river of the retribution is wide and deep…

My voice defends you,
There’ll be no harm to you…
But give a promise
On timely execution of your mission.

What is your mission?
There’s nothing to hide.
I’ll tell you everything,
You’ll know what’s behind.

I’ll move apart the clouds,
Look at the world,
Look from above, we’ll please
Each your caprice.

Put into the shrine of science
The power of your mind -
To build it - give your soul, brain and time.

Author: This organization is brand new,
Not known by the people’s world.
It’s up to you to solve all problems

You shall break all the chains,
Give freedom to the whole planet
For good of dear Russia,
You shall not say me ‘no’.

I listened to this flaming speech,
My heart was beating wildly
And bursting in my breast.
It flied ahead,
It dreamed and called.
We were united whole.
It cursed as always,
Be quick to say! Say YES!!!

But I’m the produce of my time.
We all need OHs, we all need AHs,
What we receive instead?
What punishment we’ll get?

How often when our hearts say YES,
We fail to cross the Rubicon
And go down into other river.

But looking in his eyes
I couldn’t push the breaks.
I entered stream of madness,
I plunged, I swam and swam.

I couldn’t understand myself.
I wanted to embrace the whole planet,
A blade of grass, mosquito, even moth.
I felt the Pain and Love.

I felt that we are all united,
As family we undivided.
The Earth is like a living creature,
And any life is a magic feature.

To kill with sword who gave a right,
From right to left, from left to right
To joy of death, to evil end.
What happened, MAN, again?

We see a suicide
Joyful at the very abyss brink.
He’s proud of consuming
But is ashamed of the Creators…

The Earth got tired,
The millennium had passed.
And the Aquarian Age gave our world
A new enlightenment…

A poet and genius, brother Pushkin
From heavy thoughts distracted me,
‘Your soul, switching bodies, has wondered long,
Awaiting real work,
As previously you’d been a Pharaoh’.
An then immediately went on,
‘And for the history of peoples
You wrote quite a lot of chapters’.

The armies stood awaiting,
Who was to win, that would be right.
Like falcon in the sky against obscurantism
You struggled proudly to win.

Enlisted many brave,
Forbade the bloody human sacrifice,
Instead of Moloch-killer
You worshiped God of Sun!
That’s why the treacherous high priest
Took a revenge on you, the deadly one.

Your friends and chariot
Failed to prevent your death.
But your heroic deed, like bold fight,
Forever be with you…


Author: Not long ago you were the Galileo.
Your spirit and your thoughts
On our planet motion
Shook the cornerstones of the world.
Instead of Ptolemaic maps
We got the Galilean space.

Let’s go to the modern time.
Tell me about it right now.
And how lives the Russian kin?
Its people multiply and grow?

What’s new on borders of the state?
Who have to fight you with again?
With Teutons have to battle?
Or with Circassians make the peace?

I’m always watching faraway,
I need details.
The fogs embraced our state,
And clouds screened my eyes.

Who is the tsar of Russia now?
Who has the power
To hold Empire in his hands?
Equip the mighty fleet?

We’ve got no tsar today.
It’s such a pity.
Dawn of democracy we have
With bloody flaming clouds.
What is awaiting us ahead?
Nobody knows.

Pushkin: For twenty years we have suffered.
We have been worshiping all saints.
We’re tempting fate for two decades.
We need to know where to go.

It’s not an easy question.
But stop be sorrowful, be sad,
You’ll get the help
From Saint Prince Yaroslav.
When he was king – was always right.

He gathered state,
And Holy Russia he protected
From foreign influence.
He left behind his writings full of wisdom
On how making country rich under the proper rule.
Where is it!

He left fond memories on him,
And won the fame of Russia.
This fame of Yaroslav
Can give us good example.

I hope, you have a man like him,
Who gave his shield to people,
Who fights for truth against the lie,
Who in the history of Russian people.

Pushkin: Tell me, who is the Russia’s ruler now?
Who managed to preserve the state?
Who can I send my thoughts to?
To whom can I deliver speech?

Just give a hint, my friend,
And I thru channels of the Man Upstairs
Will get the message.
I cannot miss the chance to meet him.

He looked around
And saw Vladimir Putin’s portrait on the wall.
My head was dizzy when he said,
‘Look here, it’s him, he’s that’.

Hello, Vladimir Putin, hero of us!
You’re always young and smart,
In suit, got ready for parade.
And our women’s hearts
Are always yours, alas!

You’re smart, resourceful, elegant
And have the style of Talleyrand.
I hope God will help you
On your important way of life.
But what is then? Excuse me , brother,
All hopes are escaping like a fume.
Let’ have a talk with you:-

Today you’re deep in thought,
Upstanding with an oar
Of the Empire whose glory
The destiny exaltedly supports.

Millenniums, a year after year,
We’ve got archeiropoitos work.
Who made so much for Russia
Are called Creators.

Here you can see Wise Yaroslav, Peter the Great,
Pozharskiy, Minin, Prince Donskoy.
Those who loved the Motherland
Will always be in memory of people.

The history of Russia has more than thousands of years.
Ask all about it your heart.
And enemies want stealing centuries from history of us.
But the ancestors’ life makes a full-flowing river.

This river cannot be exhausted with the lies.
Here’s no place for ravens in the black.
The woods and fields cannot be weared thin,
If we preserve ability to dream.

It’s time to think of duly way of life,
Of ancient Russian icons in the silver settings,
Of Virgin Mary face in blinking lampions.
We’ll see the wisdom of the old age.
And in this vision – our Russia, Motherland.

Who said the greatness of the spirit gone,
Perhaps the bear stepped upon his ear.
For long you had not sung a song,
Remembered from the cradle.

The woods, firs, pines are singing sons
To stop the enemies to come here.
Here is the Russian spirit, ancient wizard,
The Truth and Real values here are above the gold.

Here we can see the saints from all our land,
With their prayers it is saved.
And ancient tales as if from silver bark
And book of Veles ...

Your voice will dominate the world, believe,
Please open your soul for the truth.
We’d sat in silence on the stove for long,
And our heroic mighty swords got blunt.
It’s time to drink from magic scoop
To make our land be free and happy once again!

The notions of good and evil have no sense
If it’s impossible to move ahead.
When river of the progress doesn’t flow,
Then evil got account in our borough.

The country is immovable, it’s stuck.
They see no evil and no good.
And those immovable shapeless creatures
Are going to get their reward.

The fallen angel, Satan,
Is the confusion, slip of Heaven
And product of the total good.
But why? The ways of God are inscrutable.

And with the birth of children
We come into this world.
That livens up
The scale of good and evil.
That flares up
The flame of cosmic thoughts.

From motion the struggle starts.
And our fate is like alarm.
Striving upwards and falling down
Make the eternal swing Caprice.

It’s up to you to take decision,
Where to go and what to do,
Who’s your Angel and who’s the Judge,
And where your Salvation boat?

When in your soul
You find the final answer,
You’ll manage to perceive
The Greatness of Creator.

Don’t choose an easy way
Paved with intentions of perfection,
Since you could take the path
Adverse to leading us to Eden.

There are two ways to God.
The first stronghold is our Faith.
It’s like a crystal cradle
Living in our soul.

Supported by your Faith,
Take a new road –
The path to God thru knowledge.
And never turn it off.

We fly to angels in our thoughts,
And watch the world with hope,
Unite together faith and mind,
Beliefs - in plenty, God – alone!

Do know laws of universe,
The Nature is your God,
And God is Nature.

Again we hear the good news.
You’ve got a lot of chances.
You needn’t build the barricades,
The readiness will do.
The world picture is to change,
You’ll get a spring inside you.
And proud Russian fighting squad
Will get them all respect it.

The people need the spring inside,
Since state is like the clock.
Scales of erratic fate
Are changed by will to win.

Not to dispose always
The debris of despotic rule,
Wake up, the people,
Elect the worthy ruler.

Look, people, you are to decide,
What is the budget, and why
This our uncle Kudrin decides
To give it to another Uncle - Sam.

Only the people are the source of power.
Only the people are its holder.
And not to let the traitor and the thief
To mud this source,
You must remember always
What said the voice from Heaven

That voice has said,
‘Look, Russian people,
There’s a reason why icons have the holy ointment shedding,
There’s a reason why the alarm tolls your souls.
They sharpen their teeth on you for long,
And aim Atlantic needle into your eyeball.
But they will never make it.

You’ll turn into the Phoenix bird,
You’ll raise your Moscow above the world,
And light of truth will enter home of yours,
And Russia gets its rights and laws!

Great spirit shall fly high,
And British lords – no match for you.
The Russia always stood and stands
Like our hero Svyatogor,
Touching the sky with shoulder.

You know, Mr. Putin, a heroic fate
Awaiting you,
But don’t take too many chairs,
The beehive hasn’t got too many clusters.
The President gets power from people,
Let’s happy be our country!

It’s time to take decisions,
To stop declaring
Democracy in words.
It is an alien, foreign game.

A rattle for the weak and stupid,
And then there will be a clapper,
In Yugoslavia it’s been.
The same will be with us.

And if we want be independent,
We must prepare just beforehand.
And if you want the peace for Russia,
Be ready for the war.

Today the arm of London
Is strangling our sky.
It wants to get our throat,
It wants to straddle our neck.

The enemies of Russia got together,
Here is the center of revenge.
And all the country feels
Satan is raising there.

Oh, Mr. Putin, do the job in spite to all.
Our country – lucky be with you.
There were problems then –
You’d want to fly, but had to hack,
To go deep into details,
And here is the total mess.

The problems of concept
Must be resolved by the ‘United Russia’.
And here’s also bedlam,
and I would like to say:

‘They scold you for nothing,
Not knowing enough.
The secret springs of power
Are held by foreign aged Order.

And they dictate their will to us,
They hold our people captive.
All strings of power in Russia
Go aside of you,
But Russia will be happy,
Since you are the party with no rule!

Gryzlov, do bite the granite of your books.
You’re needed for the management of Russia.
Our country - in the corruption spider’s web.
The people are undressed and sick.

Gryzlov, do bite bureaucracy,
Among the bears you are chief grizzly.
Be quick to help the people,
They are already bitten.

Zurabov, Kudrin, ravenous Gref,
Monetarism’ the foster children,
Decided to delete, to scrap
The socialism’ people’.

It’s nice on paper,
But they forgot the ravines.
Today main enemy is bureaucrat,
He’s an impassable ravine.

Marquis de Sad, just take a rest,
Your funs have no guilt,
Compared to this wonder-monster.
Officials like mushrooms in rain
Are growing and making feces.
They cover their conscience with fig leaf,
Just idling, doing no good
And sitting like a log.

The state has meningitis,
It’s clear to us all for long.
And we are wasting our efforts,
And have the headache all.

It’s time to cure those headaches,
The clubs of heroes will do.
We need the guillotine- the perfect medicine
To cure those beasts,
Who managed the blooming land
Turn into the empty barn.

Gref - our leading housekeeper,
How he sees Russia of today?
An answer – simple and severe,
A multitude of thieves have their feast.

Like ravens they appeared here,
Picked pockets of the poor People,
Whose cup of suffering is empty,
It means –
The jail - awaiting many.

Zurabov is like a goat admitted to the cabbage.
The pension fund is empty.
Who let this an immoral fellow
To deal with issues of the medicine?
It is required to observe
The Hippocratic Oath!

Like Kudrin with his fishy eyes
Such folk won’t go free.
Like Mazarino and Concini
They take the country to the deadlock.

Oh Fronde! Where are your forces?
Like butterflies the deputies
Are fluttering about.
It’s sad to watch such scene.
The people gave you powers,
You’ve no right to betray them.

Oh Fronde! Give power to the people
To charge the traitors for their guilt,
To distinguish fire of the trouble,
To ask God for the sound mind.

Once upon a time the Tsar gave Order
To ban red-headed from the State Department.
The Tsar foresaw
They would bring disaster to our country.

But the red-headed,
Like a selfish giant from the book,
Like awful, terrible cockroach
Entrapped our country to the energy deadlock.

He brings disasters to our country,
But sings the songs to virtues of reform.
In recent time our dads and grannies
Did their best, they built and realized
The greatest project GOELRO,
And lit the lamp of Lenin
For centuries ahead.

With irony about lighted way
Those enemies just say.
That time we had no choice-
The light or darkness, nothing else,
We couldn’t back away.

But in obscure feudal Russia
The people built up force of wisdom.
They left their bast shoes and ploughshares,
And paved the way to outer space.

In villages, auls and in the country
They long ago ceased to use the light of splinters.
The country rose from its slumbers.
The people livened up from abyss,
For good and all they set aside enslavement.

A century has passed since then,
And over the liberty of people
You like a deathman raised your axe…

Tell us, red Herod,
Why have you ruined the lives of children?
When in the hospitals you had extinguished
The light of life.

Peter the Great was right when ordered
To ban red-headed from the State Department.
We beg you Mr. Putin, take into account
The Order of the Tsar who was too far from being fool!

It is not easy to describe
The tricks of some.
Like a hangover poison
The thunder claps from heavens.

And shining like a lightning
With glory of the past,
The Silent Don awakens,
And Russian Home takes heart!

In Great and Holy Russia
The mystic forces clang.
A word of ‘democrat’
Means now ‘Enemy of Russia’.

You wish the people to be happy,
Take words ‘Power to People,
Brotherhood, and Friend’,
And spooks will fade away at once.

Fifth column will escape,
They will have no reason to stay on.
We’ll press the jinn and troll
By powers of people guard’s control.

Before the storm there’s no motion.
And we got tired suffering indignity,
When our great country
Is given to be robbed.

The vicious system rules the world:
Power thru money, money thru power.
And there are many poisoned by the idol,
They have partaken poison quite a lot.

Today the golden calf
Has got the indisputable bad power.
But soon from its pedestal
It will be thrown off.

And our time is coming.
We must cast off the yoke of money.
We will succeed in killing of the dragon,
In throwing away the golden idol.

The sense of money
In the word of ‘conscience’
Could have been issued only by GOD.
He made it simply
Thru the birth of children
And the ideas entering the world.

The children are the salt of Earth.
They are the dearest for us.
Ideas are the sparkles of God-given talent,
Lighting the way when there are no roads.

And money had a very simple name Of TALANT.
This word comprised
All magic of the world perception.
The nature is created by the genius,
He is the crown of the world.
And MAN invincibly was getting similar
To the Creator - he’s the co-creator.

You’ll make it well
When understand it all at last,
So that the money-lender and intrigant
Shall not pickpocket you.

Money has several different orbits.
The motion of money is forgotten.
But I’ll remind you, dear friends,
You cannot live not knowing about that.

Money has five orbits of its motion.
It’s useful knowledge.
When you have studied it all through,
You will be keen in management of money.

The Orbit number one is simple,
The goods – produced and sold.
And really it is not complicated,
You will come first yourself, and charity begins at home.
But this is honest capital,
The working class has sold their labor.

This Orbit seems like simple,
But there is a hidden shade.
Discrimination of the price
Makes Russians go mad.

The Russians are not traders and not shopsters.
You couldn’t sell, if would not cheat.
Let profits go past,
The lie and we cannot exist together!

The second orbit, hanging over the first.
The banker - in this orbit.
The system of the world banking rates
Is watching every dollar.

The money-lender like a spider
Throws his web on our world.
And their credit
Is like the sword of Damocles.

Look round and you’ll see
A lot of robots.
But look inside yourself,
And you will see a lot of monsters which are worse.

A devil number one is everywhere,
He has already noosed your neck.
He’s up for all the world crimes.
This devil is ‘I WANT’.

I want this and I want that.
You cannot understand
That you’re enslaved by this feedbox
And you are on the needle.
It seems to you that happiness is nigh.
You play the game, and stakes are high.

But on this tricky road
You’re like on razor’s edge.
Your circle of life
Will bring you to the dead-end.

To remedy this nonsense,
All temptations and all sins
You shall preserve from childhood
The fortress of your moral.
Because the enemies of mankind
Have got a lot of levers for manipulating people.

They’ll put you on the credit,
They will inflate you appetites.
Sweet voices of fanfares will be heard,
And headlights of Mercedes will shine up.

When with your trifling dream
You face the truth,
You’ll see yourself as a wretched squirrel,
Running round in its cage.

Defeating your temptation
You will escape the sins.
Remember that the wealth is not in money it’s in God,
And there’s no other way.

An orbit number three – investor from abroad,
Proposing investments.
He sings sweetly like a cat,
Telling fairy tales:

‘Look, Russian Ivan,
What are the problems?
Keep your pocket wider.
We’ll draw you money.
Let’s count, bring the scales.

We don’t want to be deceived,
Please say at first
What exchanges we shall have.
We don’t need to have big prizes,
But land, resources, Moscow City
We’re ready to uptake at once.

Your wood, your pines and firs,
The science, girls for brothels,
Even your neck cross
We are ready to accept.’

How generous they are,
These foreign friends.
Ivan the fool had thought.
Then sighed, deciding let be so.

If you’re an expert in investments,
Let us be friends, please take your coins.
On market situation always is the same:
One is a rascal, another one is fool.

Don’t open your mouth, Ivan,
For the foreign cake.
And if you want to make your Country rich
Equip your mercantile marine.

Having arrived to a foreign port,
You opened again a window to Europe.
It is a first thin streamlet,
But you made a profit for your Country.
Without trading ways
There will be no luck for Russia…

Our Ivan is a fool,
But the foreign cat was caught at bay.
Severely Ivan told them,
‘We need to monitor you strictly
Not to be aground,
You have already got a lot
Away from Russia.

Stop throwing your money here.
You need discoveries?
If you need them – I will give you.
I have no talents for deception.
But knowing your crafty mind,
A lesson I will give to you.

You stole for peanuts all
That I had created for my life time.
You took it on the shoulder
And hurried so quickly
As if your soles were hot.

You have forgotten all your promise and
Drunken kisses.
You organized a merry banquet,
But later – nothing else.

We wanted to create an Artel,
But you had got away my model.
You are at large for many days.
That model, however, is just a shade,
A big fat zero.
Your boss will give you a nice trashing.

I cannot understand one thing.
You’ve got so many blabbers.
Are you the produce of the mass production?
Are you produced in test tubes?

You’re not investors – you’re pirates.
You’ll get your prize.
We all are going to teach you.
For all your tricks
One time you will be sickled…

And the investor-villain
Faded completely away.
He’s like a deuce from the snuffbox,
You can see him here and at another place at once.

The stories of such kind
Has filled completely my mind.
Unless we come to our senses,
We will be robbed without questions.

Remember, please, a simple truth.
You’re a scientist, not a piece of shit.
So you must not for almost nothing
Take off your only shirt.

I believe that we’ll be able in this world
To shine a sacred light of dream.
And if our pride fails to awake,
Our conscience will always be asleep.
And then instead of outer space
We will be tinning kettles.

And if we want to live by truth,
We must suppress the lies.
You cannot live only to eat,
It’s time to love your Country and your Life!

And here is an orbit number four.
The circles of financial elite,
With ocean of money,
In arrogance contest the whole world.

They can wipe out from the surface of the Earth
Economy of any country,
Which was not smart enough
And took on trust their fairy tales.

The World Bank, the IMF
Like crafty James Bond from MI-5
Can talk you into what the want
And bribe the column number five.

And monsters from the currency exchange
Are playing with the billions of money.
They don’t know where to put
Their speculators’ capital.
It’s like a fatal destiny
Of our kind and sick planet.

For ages they were struggling: labor – capital.
It was a fight of equal forces, and metal melted
In Martin furnaces, and on his shoulders
A Man of Labor held the whole world!

For crazy greedy capital
It was not good enough.
It pushed the pendulum to right
To liquidate the people.

Pandora’s box got open.
Monetarism, liberalism,
A deadly virus of the globalism
Are crawling like an anaconda.

Judas is always ready to betray.
He cannot live in other way.
You cannot push the bible camel
Through the needle eye.

They’re feasting on the people’s troubles.
They are the source of plague and devastation.
Tycoons and money-lenders of the world
Can named be simply – THIEVES.

All wars will stop
When the requital missiles
Are aimed at islands
Where their castles are located.

Where lives the banker’s octopus,
Rockefeller, Rothschilds and Du Ponds
Who always lie to us,
But reap their rewards from war.

The war will have another end,
When peoples of the world
Spread their wings
And fearlessly get into struggle
Without sentiments and whines.
We need the peaceful Earth!

When all the people realize
That billion of children
Is of more importance than billion of money,
The AGE for PEOPLE will begin,
Not for predators from the banks.

Now we’re about orbit number five.
They won’t make efforts to create,
They won’t lend money for percent,
And won’t take risks at the exchange.
It’s time to churn out money -
Decides the world backstage.

At first they built a pyramid
With name of FRS.
And later greens
Acquired quite an enormous mass.

The motto of the dollar –
‘We shall create new order’.
‘All rebels of the world
Will be tamed with force and gold.
If we take control of finances of your state,
There’ll be no difference: who is your country head’.

And we like wild pagan tribes
Dispose what the God gave us:
Great treasures like
Oil, wood and metals.

The Earth was conquered
By the cunning dollar
With mason’s eye and pyramid –
A symbol of the ancient priests of Zion
Resembling us a snake.

The power of money like a bullet in the head.
All kindness fades away.
And hidden tyrants come to us
With weapons of deception from blue screens.
Too early our children get it all,
And we continue neglecting our karma.

Oh Prometheus! A worthy legend,
He didn’t asked Olympus gods
When he ignited his bonfires
On our cool planet.

And Macedonian Alexander
Gave us a good example.
The Gordian knot cannot be done
It must be cut!

It’s useless and there’re no chances
To tie our country into knot.
And we’re ready to protect the world,
And to create a brand new system.

Ideas, thoughts are our funds –
The basis of new riches.
To help the peoples of our Earth
Makes happy our brothers.

The shadows and darkness are in fear,
The world tyrants will be gone.
Again the star of Bethlehem
Is shining with the hope.

As ever the great spirit of our planet is alive.
The good will win.
Like in whirlwinds of powerful tornado
Salvation of the world is in the word of MUST!

Do set aside mean words ‘I WANT’.
Do touch the magic sword
That will cast off chains of slavery from our souls
By adding I and MUST resulting in


We don’t ask God for much.
Let our hut be squalid,
And several little ones to feed,
But harmony - in our hearts.

He isn’t rich who has a lot,
But that who is upright.
Who leads the life of truth
He’s rich.

Alas, good bye to you, my Reader!
You’ve got a soul of Creator, of the builder,
You’re in the circle of my friends,
And it’s no wonder you take this book in hands.

The Providence is leading us ahead,
Though we were strangers up to now,
Archangel’s trumpet voice is calling us,
And common fate is taking us away.

And we commit that our Mission
To be achieved in time.
All problems fade away at once,
Join the ‘United Intellect’ – it’s only chance.

Your Angel helps you
If you want.
It’s no use to sin
And wallow in vice.
We’ve got a lot of barriers
In out life to overcome.

Wars, miseries and hardships
Will pass away.
And the river of the human life
Will be calm and tranquil.